N. Novgorod, Samara

About Company

Huge multinational FMCG Company (Food)


Aims of position: to warrant realization of The Company’s strategy on the territory of responsibilities and optimal use of strategic potential of the company.


1. Operational management and performance organization:
1.1. The creation of a sales and marketing plan.
1.2. Identify key potential customers.
1.3. Support juice performance daily existing Coca-Cola HBC in designated territory through visits, emailtelephone communications to ensure that their needs are fully identified and met.
1.4. Work with CC HBC sales team to develop market intelligence to enable to plan strategy with the Multon GM and CC HBC RGM.
1.5. Identify potential for growth through product development, marketing and sales efforts.
1.6. Assisting and facilitating CC HBC in juice distribution by providing brand expertise and good knowledge in juice market.
1.7. Be involved in regional commercial plan and investment review.
2. Strategic and operational planning:
2.1. Deeply involving in all aspects of juice distribution through CC HBC management.
2.2. Joint planning and setting strategy with CC HBC, developing and expanding a strong distribution network to cover a widespread territory.
3. Growing of the productivity:
3.1. Driving all opportunities for volume/margin/efficiency during negotiation with the customer.
3.2. Cascading and promoting programs to support customer (distributor) in increasing volume achievement.
4. Generation and implementation ideas of new methods, applications and processes.


A successful candidate: 

  1.  Has more than 6 years experience in sales and trade marketing (preferable) and key account management. Passionate attitude for sales, technology and customers as an enabler for a company’s growth.

  2. Has strong time management and prioritization skills; is organized and methodical in his/her approach.

  3. Is experienced in building relationships with the partners and business decision-makers.

  4. Is experienced and adept at getting people working towards a common goal.

  5. Shows no fear in the face of challenges.

  6. Is creative, innovative; is often seen as visionary in his/her approach.

Key competencies we are looking for:

  1. drives engagement

  2. strategic mindset

  3. customer focused

  4. collaborates

  5. plan and aligns

  6. drives results



Contact information: 

Maria Perelygina

Mail: perelygina@csc-hr.ru